Learn With Avthar

How Danny Miranda Learned To Be Grateful

July 24, 2021 Avthar Sewrathan Season 2 Episode 53
Learn With Avthar
How Danny Miranda Learned To Be Grateful
Show Notes

Clip from Learn with Avthar Podcast Episode 9 featuring Danny Miranda

Find the full episode here: https://avthar.buzzsprout.com/1220963/8353995-ep-9-danny-miranda-on-pursuing-your-highest-version


Danny Miranda is all about pursuing the highest version of himself and helping others do the same. He's the host of The Danny Miranda Podcast, where he's interviewed folks like entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuck, writer Polina Marinova, YouTuber Ali Abdaal and entrepreneur and author Kamal Ravikant. He's also the author of Tuesday Treasure, a newsletter that's nutrition for your brain.


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South Africa native and internationally experienced technology entrepreneur, Avthar Sewrathan,  is known for using technology to empower people. From his college dorm room, Avthar co-founded and built Afari: a blockchain-based social network that gave people more privacy and ownership over their data. He currently helps developers measure everything that matters at fast-growing startup Timescale, the makers of TimescaleDB the time-series database built on PostgreSQL. Avthar graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Computer Science and is also an alumnus of United World College Costa Rica. He is obsessed with self-mastery, entrepreneurship, health and happiness and explores these topics (and more) in his weekly newsletter and podcast. Avthar lives and works in the greatest city in the world, New York City.